Friday, May 21, 2010

Room 334

All the posts up until now have been transcriptions of other desk clerks' experiences leading up until the time I got hired. Since I was hired six months ago, I've filled out my own share of incident reports, none of which have graced the pages of this blog because of my attempt to stay true to the temporal continuity.

I'm gonna skip that principle right now, for sake of this particular entry. About an hour ago, a guest came down and said that someone had been passed out in the bathroom all night. My friend, the custodian, went up to the third floor and opened up the door to see who was in there, and indeed, a woman was curled on her knees, wedged into the small area to the side of the toilet with her bare exposed ass sticking straight in the air.

But she wasn't breathing.

Janitor came down and told me, "you ain't gonna believe this -- we got a dead body on the third floor." I immediately called 911 and asked for assistance, then went upstairs to verify what he had seen. He didn't tell me about the bare ass of a dead old woman sticking up in the air, I had to discover that for myself. I couldn't see her face because it was seriously wedged into the corner behind the toilet, but I deduced from her ethnicity (white) and the age of her skin what customer the janitor had discovered.

The firemen arrived. They were laughing amongst themselves about weekend plans, even after they checked out the bathroom. We went into her empty bedroom together, where there were no bottles of alcohol or syringes or crack pipes or anything -- just a few chocolate chip cookies wrapped in a white paper napkin and a pack of newports sitting by the television which she'd left on.

Cops came after firemen -- less friendly -- asked for my i.d., took it and went upstairs. I had a cigarette with the janitor. A television camera man came up to us and asked if it was crime related. "No, old lady, natural causes," and he lost interest pretty quick. Cop came back downstairs, made me wait outside while he interviewed the janitor. Then he made the janitor wait outside while he interviewed me. Then he told us she died of natural causes and gave us our id's back.

The coroner came and got her about 45 minutes after the first 911 call. He was up there for awhile as I set up the complementary coffee. His assistant came in and took the elevator up with the gurney. They took the body out and came back really quick to take a business card and have me sign my first coroner's report.

I had a cigarette around 7am with the janitor. He told me that somebody was already taking a shower in the bathroom it all went down in.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

talking s---

7-6-07 -- 1:30

This morning Robert Adams rented a room for him and a guest. They left about 1/2 hour later he said they would be back about 10 min, he came back alone, and said she was coming later; at about 3:45 he came down and said he was checking out; I ask him where his towels were, he stated in the room. I told him to go bring them down, when he brought them down something smelt like smoke, the towels I ask him had he been smoking in the room he said no, I told him I had to inspect his room before he could get his deposit. I did smell anything untill I get to his door I open the door and all I could see was smoke. The mattress was pulled up to the window, which was wide open. The matress was on the window ledge and on the stand where the t.v. is, the tv was on. I started knocking on doors alerting people to leave their rooms the fire department came. They inspecting things said it was arson. No one was hurt. Thank God. -Pete

7-10-07 -- 337, Chad England

Came in at 8am. Shortly after going upstairs, Evan told me they were fighting. I went up & heard him yelling & it sounded like he was hitting her. I knocked & he opened it. I told him to leave & was escorting him out -- he got away from me & punched her again. While calling the police he ran out -- She told me he had her glasses & cellphone. Apparently she also told Denise & Pete to not let him in -- I was unaware of it.

Larry Burroughs arrived to pick up Tim Gilliam's stuff. Checked ID, took him down & helped carry it all out to his van.


Nathan James called and said that someone had spray painted on the outside of the apartment.

Mr. Reagan, 8-29-07, room 344, 4am

Mr Reagan call down to the desk three different times and told me to go and ask the person to turn there tv down. I went up three time I did not hear any loud TV. He call the police we went upstairs, they also didn't hear any loud noise or loud T.V. I don't know whats up with Mr. Reagan. This is a on going thing with him. He should get some ear plugs. It's getting old with him about this problem.

Swing shift, 9/21/07: At approx 5pm Mr Jerome White came to gate. He showed me his CAID & said he checked out of Room #203 "earlier today" & that he "left a bag in the drawer." I told him that housekeeping had already cleaned the room but he insisted on seeing the room & that he "had hid the bag 'underneath' the drawer". I accompanied him to the room #203 and watched him open all the dresser drawers up. There was no "bag" of any kind -- room was completely clean as I had already told him. Mr White then wanted to know where the housekeeping person was and "did they have a room in the hotel?" I told him no, they left for the day already. You can talk to the manager in the morning if you want, he is not here right now. Mr White wanted to know if we have a "lost & found" I told him to speak with management tomorrow morning. As we were returning to the lobby Mr Darryl Davis #222 walked by. Mr White said he wanted to go visit Mr Davis for @ 20 minutes (& not pay a guest fee). I told him, allright "but 0 longer than 20 min" & he left his I.D. Approximately 20-25 minutes later Mr White returned to lobby & retrieved his ID & left the building. Approximately 15 minutes later Sonny the maintenance man Rm 338 comes to lobby & asks me, "Did anyone turn in a small bag? Did Amy find a bag in one of the rooms?" I told Sonny, "No, & I already took Mr White up to Rm 203 & look for his bag. It wasn't there." Sonny told me he "already didn't look down stairs but didn't see it (the bag) either." Brian came by office a few minutes later I relayed incident I just described. He told me to write out incident in green book which I did.


5am Monday Morning -- I was outside getting some air and talking with Frank Humbert. When I go out I always leave the doors unlocked. I pull it close. Karen Lewis 216 came out the door and slamed it. I ask her did she locked the Door. she got real smart, and start talking abunch of s--- to Me. Karen Lewis Rm 216 has a problem. I wanted this log in case I have anymore problems with her.

344 called @ 11:00pm about noise. Sonny checked and heard nothing. 344 called again @ 11:20. I talked to both 346 & 347, even though I didn't hear anything. Tried explaining this to 344 & he got very upset, threatening that I wouldn't have any peace tonight. 344 THEN BEGAN CALLING ME EVERY 10-15 MINUTES UNTIL 2AM. 346 told me he'd completely turn tv off @ 1:10am. STILL GOT CALLS FROM 344

Reagan, resident in #344

June 03: Refuses smoke detector inspection
June 06: complains about noise from TV's in other rooms.

We've had several complaints from Mr Reagan but this "noise" is considered normal, re Staff.


Around 6:30am this morning, I was awakened by a repeatedly slamming door. I looked out in the hall & saw that it was 344. It slammed about six times & stopped. 1/2 hour later he started slamming it again -- the couple in 346 came out into the hall & Evan came too. I knocked on 344 & told him he had to stop that. Mr Reagan didn't open the door, but he did say to "Get the Fuck away" from his door. I told him I will, but he had to stop slamming the door or he'd get into trouble. As I walked away, he slammed it again.

10/7/7, 2am

Reagan in 344 call the police about loud noise, they said they did not hear excess noise at all. I had just made the rounds.


About 8:00 Pete & I went to key 451 and found Mr. Brown dead on his bed. We came back downstairs and called Mark and told him that Mr. Brown is dead on his bed. Mark said to call the police. Ambulance & Paramedics came at 8:10am. Police came in at 9:00am. Medical Examiner came at 9:30am. Coroner took Mr Brown at 9:55am.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

take that outside

11/17/06, 9am

Tyrone Thomas called and said Mr. Jones' little dog was running around the hallways and other public areas by itself. I went over to investigate. Mr. Jones was in his apartment with the door propped open. He said he had went outside to talk to "Kevin" for a few minutes. Mr. Jones was told to keep the dog inside and to get rid of it A.S.A.P.

11/21/06 Rm 212 Mr Peterson

At about 12:30 Mr Peterson came in the building and told me that he was having someone come in about a hour and could he come up for about a half of hour. I told him that on graveyard shift I do not let guest go up without an I.D. or paying $10.00. He ask me if he could get $10.00 back from his deposit. I told him I don't let anyone get deposit for anything. At about 1:15am I am checking in a couple and I looked out the side of my eye and I see this guy headed for the side door. I ask him not to go in the door. Mr Peterson 212 was standing in the door. He went in anyway. I went to his room he was coming out his door. I told him either you ask your visit to leave or I call the police. He tried to tell me the guy had left, I know better cause I had check the stairs before I went to his room he tried to shut the door in my face, but I had my foot in the door, when I looked in he also had another guy in the room that should not have been in there. I ask both of them to leave, they did.



Tom Hawthorne told me Nathan James' dog pooped in front of Mr. Hawthorne's door. He also said Mr. James "tweaks" all the time & is hanging clothes to dry on the fire escape.



Nathan James came by the hotel @ 2:30pm. He was upset that I said a stain in the apt. hallway looked like dog pee. I told him that he couldn't let the dog run around in the halls or animal control would be called. He said good, and that he was going to let the dog out right now. Mr James then told the manager he was letting speed freaks run around the apt and sidewalks, and he cursed at him and left.

12/6/06 2:10am

I receive a call at the front desk about 337 making noise in the room. I went upstairs to see what was going on. It is 2:10am the lady in the room was talking loud acting crazy her mate says. He doesn't know what is wrong with her. I ended up having to call the police. They came to see whats her problem. They came back down after 15 min and said she was going to stay with asomeone in the hotel. I don't know who. They told me if I have anymore trouble to call them again. They will take her out. She has never been a problem before.

Once again 337 acted up. She went back to the room and started being loud again screaming and kicking walls. The next door neighbor call downstairs and told me. I went upstairs and she was in the room hiding in the closet. I told her that she was not suppose to be in the room, that she was going to have to leave, she was causing too many problems. She started hollering and screaming to her boyfriend that he should help her. He had found a crack pipe on her. She had woke the whole place up acting crazy. The police came and took her out. Her boyfriend said he thinks she got hold of "some bad shit." That's what's making her act stupid. The police took her out of the hotel to get her some help.


7:30am Mrs. Carlson's come down and she told me that some bugs were eating her and her grandson. She said that she didn't want to make a problem because of the rent she owe she also said that she was keeping her friends clothes up stairs in her room. Talking with her worker and he said between me and you that he thinks she let her go on purpose so she wouldn't have to pay what she owes to the hotel.


On Tuesday, 12/5 Ms. Carlson complained about bedbugs. She said Billy was supposed to spray it out. Marvin went upstairs & laid down two glue traps. Ms. Carlson was being uncooperative. Next morning Marvin tried telling the health care providers not to go up in her room because of bedbugs. Not understanding English too well they went up anyway. That afternoon Marvin and I sprayed the room down. He checked the seams of the mattress & didn't find any bedbugs. We still sprayed the matress.

On the morning of the 7th the manager went back into the room and saw bedbugs all over the place, crawling out of plastic bags. He called the exterminator immediately.


At 7:00am Marvin called and told me to go and check 470. I went up and knock on the door I got an answer. I keyed the door and Ms. George's son was in the room. I ask him how did he get in there he said that the door was unlocked and he was getting his clothes and taking a shower. I told him that he had to leave and I excorted him out of the building and he left. I then went to Mr Dean's room because that is where he was supposed to be staying and told him what happen and let him know that he was responsible for him he said he thought he was gone because he was supposed to catch a bus to Washington early this morning.


Jan 20, 2007

4:15 -- Valerie Carlson & Ray came by to get the rest of her things. I told them there would be no problem and asked them to waid while I found Marvin. He had told me he wanted to talk to them. I went downstairs to find Marvin and when I came back 2 min later they were gone.

1/21/07 8:00am

I was talking to Jordan and Ray & Ms Carlson came to get her things.

1/24/07 3:00am

Fire alarm went off I checked the floors and did not smell smoke. Nobody came out of there rooms except Mr. Bugs. Fire alarm box says trouble in zone 1. I put the alarm on silence. I checked the floors at 3:20am and the only smoke detector stayed red was the one at the bottom of the stairs outside the lobby door.


At 2:00 this morning I was sitting at the desk and I heard stomping overhead. I unlock the side door and I heard loud noise it was 467 the son and the step father. They were talking loud and they are constantly running in and out of the building at night I have told them over and over about it. The son has a real problem with being real smart when you try to say something to him. They also hold up the shower room and they don't be takeing a shower for a couple of hours. Also the stepfather had a crack pipe to his mouth when he was at the top of the stairs. I ask him was he smoking he said that he wasn't smoking anything. I ask him to take that outside.


Feb. 5, 2007

I have ask 467 to please stop going in and out of the building. They disturbe people going in & out of their room its getting old.


Feb 13, 2007 Rm 467

Ms George's son keeps going in and out of the building. He brought a bike in and left it in the outer lobby. I told him not to leave his bike in the lobby, he got smart of course. It's the same thing every night in and out all night long. It's getting old.

(Police Off. GRFJ#2355)

Feb 13, 2007 at 3:00am

I had to call the police. Sam Conrad in Rm 326 was making all kinds of noise. Mr Bugs call me down stairs had said he heard something come out of the window. I go upstairs and knock on his door. At first he wouldn't open the door. I told him that I was going to key the door. He open it I ask him what he was doing and what did he throw out the window. He said he wasn't going to look at me and he said it was an accident. I kept asking him what was he refuse to answer, so I call the police. They went up and talk with him, he told me he would leave and he did. I went and check the room the top of the window was broke out, glass all over the floor.


Nathan James jammed open his kitchen window and a piece of the window came close to 208 & 211's heads.

4-18-07 1:20am

At 1:20am Blair call me and told me that Griffin was up stairs with a bunch of loud noise arguing with someone. I could hear him through the phone hollering. I go upstairs and Griffin and a lady were standing in the front of the elevator arguing and screaming. I told them to be quiet, that they were waking everyone up. She said that Griffin had hit her in the stomach he said that she stole his money I ask her to leave. She ask for her ID. I looked at her ID to get her name to put no to let her in anymore and the ID was not hers it belong to someone else.


2:30AM Rm 205 4/18/07

Jim Anderson came running in the hotel holding the door there were three people on the other side trying to get in. I told him to take it outside. He let go of the door and a girl and two guys come in the outer lobby. The girl told him to give her the money she said that she had gave him 50.00 dollars worth of drugs and that he took off running. I told them and him I didn't want this here they had to take it Outside. I picked up the phone to call the police and they all went outside. He came back inside and I buzzed the gate and he came in full of blood and I gave him his key. I told him I was gonna report him. He did the same thing last week. He shouldn't be here he puts people in harms way.


12:30am 5-8-7

Me and Dee was here in the office talking and changing shift. All of a sudden Shane comes in the hotel and he was full of blood. Chris Michaels was coming in the door behind him, I ask him what happen. He said that Chris Michaels had hit him in the head with his cane which he still had in his hands. He said that Michaels was trying to get into the apartment building next door. Shane said he told him that he didn't live in the apartment. One thing lead to another. The police was called, they came and took Chris Michaels to jail. He ask me to go in his room and get his wallet. I told the police that I could not go in the room and get anything for him, he would have to wait.


6/6/07 swing shift, 11:30pm

Griffin in Room 467 brought in a woman by the name of Anne Burroughs, who I had previously caught entering the hotel with a fake ID (she did not know the first name on this ID). Griffin had already had two guests on this date and considering the previous incident with Ms Burroughs I told him she could not come in. He proceded to yell and swear at me while other guests waited for assistence. This continued for about 20 minutes, and he refused to lower his voice or cooperate.



At approximately 8pm I came downstairs and saw Maya, who had previously asked me to ring room 467 for Mr Griffin. She had snuck into the building when I was upstairs and I told her to leave. Mr Griffin and Ms Sarah Stevens were both in the lobby at this time. Maya was a young African American woman, 20's, with shoulder length black curly hair, and medium build. She had a small scar on her cheek and was wearing loose blue pants, a dark or black shirt, and had on a pink or purplish headband. After she left, she came back and insisted that I buzz Mr. Griffin again. I told her that I would not since he was already aware that she was here. She called me a "bitch" and swore as she left the building, then yelled up at the window "Tommy! Tommy!"

I went downstairs to do laundry at approximately 8:30pm. When I returned Denise and Shane come by at 9pm and asked what had happened to the window. I hadn't heard anything, so it must have happened when I was downstairs at around 8:30.


A man came by asking about Sheena Turner. I told him that she wasn't staying here. Then he asked if he could talk to Tommy, I told him that he needed to know the last name and room number. He argued with me but then left. About an hour later at 3pm he returned with two police officers who went up to Mr. Griffin's room (467). When they returned they told me that Mr. Griffin said that Sheena Turner had stayed with him last night (6/15) and had been taken away by an ambulence. There was no record of her having stayed here and I told the police that I didn't know if an ambulance had been called.


June 20, 07 1:20

Mr Stevens in Room 331 was attacked in front of Johnny's Liquor store. He had to have stitches in his head and lip. He came from across the street and he was bleeding real bad from a head wound. I call 911. He said he was hit from behind knocked to the ground and the guy continue to kick him. The police came and call the ambulence, they took him to the hospital.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

leap of faith

a long-term tenant in my building that everyone calls "the general" told me that a woman at the hotel across the street fell four stories to her death last night and that he was the one to call 911. in his hand he held a boquet of roses wrapped in a plastic sheet which had the word "roses" printed boldly along the length of it. he told me he'd acquired the wilting burgundy cordials purely by chance but found it appropriate to place them at the scene of the accident. "she almost fell right on top of me, boss, i swear to god i ain't lyin'!"

Saturday, December 5, 2009

personal effects

we've been holding onto a plastic shopping bag a tenant left behind filled with various hairbrushes, empty cd cases, crumpled papers & several keychains underneath the front desk for three days. finally the boss told me to throw it out this morning. i gave it to the custodian who rummaged through the contents and found three crack pipes and a stolen credit card in the bottom of the bag. well, i didn't really know it was stolen, it just had someone else's name on it. i guess credit cards just look kinda stolen when they're at the bottom of plastic bags filled with crack pipes and empty cd cases.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

it's raining mackerel

7/26/06 -- Room 218

I went away from the desk for three minutes or less and when I left I asked the guest using the internet not to let anyone in the gate. When I came back Arthur Smith was at the gate so I let him in and gave him his key. He went upstairs and came back down & then out to leave. The man sitting at the computer came up to the desk and asked "Do you know him?" Smith was coming back in and assumed that the man was saying something about him. Smith got up to the man's face and began screaming at him telling him "You don't know me" and "She don't know me!" I tried to explain to Smith that the man was just asking a simple question and that I told him not to let anyone in but he told me to shut up. I then asked him to lower his voice and he then accused me of being on the other guy's side and started yelling at me. This lasted several minutes and then he left. He came back again in the middle of my phone call to the manager telling him what happened and began to yell at me again. There were customers waiting for my help but he kept yelling. I told the manager to come down here and when he did Smith just yelled at all of us and then left upstairs. I cannot handle someone speaking to me like this. Please make him leave.


8/10/06 -- 8:30pm

Frank Trenton checked in and handed me a fake $100.00. So while he was out I called Sgt. Jeff Henry and he and another officer came and looked at the bill and they both said it was fake. I told Frank when he checked in that the bill was a fake and I put the pen on it and it came back light.

So when Frank came back to the hotel he said he was going to check out and I told him he had to go get his towel and when he was upstairs I called Sgt. Henry and when 327 came downstairs I stalled him. Sgt. Henry came in and arrested Mr. Trenton. I kept the key deposit.

8/26/06, 1:10am

Around 12:30 2 women came in yelling and said that somebody from the apartments threw some garbage out the window and hit one of the women. #323 came in with the women but I didn't let any of them in the gate. I went outside with them and they pointed up to #205. I came back in and called Sgt. Henry. I heard something hit the street somebody threw a can of mackerel out the window then somebody ran over the can and popped the can of mackerel and it went all over the sidewalk and the garage. Somebody stabbed a tire on 205's car. Petey came in and said what ever was thrown out the window also hit his truck. #305 came over and said the police was at the apartment.



Around 2:00 Apartment 205 of the building next door was fighting so loud it woke me up. There was yelling and fighting loud. I heard yelling and sounded like slapping and hitting. So I called the manager and he went over to settle them down.


9/17/06, 9:05pm

471. The person I thought was David Brown I let in the room because Lisa Beale had the key. The police came and asked me questions because somebody was throwing shell casings out the window down in the playyard. The police came and arrested Shante Thompson and Ronald White for trespassing.

9/21/06, 12:30pm

A lady came in she use to live here. I ask her what room she was in she said 339 she had this guy with her. I was talking with him about being a visitor, Dre holler out to me that the girl was peeing on the floor. She hollar no I am not. I went over by the elevator and she was squatted down peeing on the rug. I ask her why she did that and she said that she could not hold it. I told her she had to leave. In the mean time the guy with her starts taking me through changes about him coming in to visit someone else she sneaks up stairs. I called the police. She did not have a room in here. The police put her Out. The guy had left before the police came.

On the morning or 9/26/06, around 10:30am, I was taping inspection notices on doors at the apartment. Apartment 305, Nathan James, called me on the hotel's portable phone, but the call got disconnected. I went up to his room and knocked on the door to see what he had to say.

He answered the door completely naked, not bothering to cover up. He said he wanted me to give a message to the owner:

He had a mini-stroke last night and his doctors and the health department forbid anyone from entering his room, and that the owner should give him a suite at the hotel for free.

James later called me at the hotel and added on to the message, saying that he got locked out of his apartment last night and had to call a locksmith that charged him $85. He then invited me to dinner and hung up the phone.

On 9/28/06 around 8:30am, Jones had an argument with the owner. He called him a slumlord and both of us liars, though he wouldn't elaborate.



I was going downstairs and found dogpoop in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs coming from the top flight of stairs. So I went back in my apartment and got some toilet paper and picked it up and informed 305 that his dog pooped in the hall and that I picked it up and he said for me not to pick it up again, to call him and he will pick it up.



At 2:30am Steve came over from the apartments and said somebody had wet clothes hanging on the fire escape outside of the third floor. I went outside and seen them. I don't know whose clothes they are.



Steve and I was going downstairs and I caught #305 Mr. Jones smoking on the front stairs. I told him NO smoking in the building and he just ignored me.


11/16/06, 9:15am

Nathan James came into the hotel, saying he locked himself out of his apartment. The owner asked why he was short on rent and Mr. James replied he didn't want to talk in front of me because I was "evil." The owner went over to open the door for him & found he had the key in Mr James pocket the whole time.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

poopoo in bathroom sink

Received complaints of fighting on 3rd Floor. 330 was screaming at each other. I knocked on door & Ken opened door, saying that his wife was being stupid. I told them to keep it down & they went back to arguing.

I said that if they didn't stop I'd call the police -- Ken slammed door in my face & they went back to fighting.

Police called.

An hour later after the cops left, Ken told me not to call the police again, and I told him not to give me a reason to. He said it would not happen again.



Miranda Long room 213 has been going in and out all night long singing, knocking on people's doors. She admitted she was smoking crack in her room with her visitor. She is really a problem.

Rm 205, Jan 1, 2006

Ms Glenn, Mr Karl's wife was having bad cramps. The ambulance came and took her to the hospital.

7/1/06, Room 220

Mr. Browning and his friend got into an altercation. Sean came down and got me. I went upstairs to their room. I could hear the noise. She said that he jumped on her. She started getting real loud crying he said he didn't want her any longer so she pack up her things & left. I escorted her down the stairs. She left.

5/4/06, 1:00am, Rm 327, Donnell

A Guest from the second floor came down and told me that the people over his head were fighting and keeping up a bunch of noise and it had been going on a few hours stomping and making noise. I went to his room and heard all of it. I went upstairs and knocked on the door. It was the same couple that I had to go up about this morning. I warned them then about the fighting and the noise. The room was a total mess the headboard was hanging off the wall. I put them out. They were not a problem at all. They apologized. He had been hitting her. He said when he comes and gets his bike tomorrow that he would pay for the headboard.


The lady in 336 came down. She was complaining about a partner she said he was keeping up a bunch of noise and was smoking in the room. I went up to talk with him. I ask him to be quiet and to stop smoking in the room. I told him he lost his deposit for smoking. I informed him he would have to go if he continued the noise.

6/2/06, 8:45pm

Orlando Tejada came to retrieve a "box" from the back. I told him he couldn't come in and if there is a "box" he has to see the manager. He screamed and yelled at me for not letting him in. I told him to leave or I would call the police. When one of the guest came in though the gate he rushed in and I pulled him back by his collar. Mike Arnold (218) separated the two of us and blocked Orlando from coming at me. Orlando's daughter rushed in and pulled Orlando away from Mike as Orlando attempted to fight him. His daughter finally pushed him back and told him to get into her car.


Room 222, Velma Clay has left her grandson in her room alone from 7pm to 7:35pm. Then another two more times later that evening equalling about half an hour.


Room 456 came down at 10:50pm and informed me that one woman and two men not speaking English in room 457 ruined the 5 in 465. I saw that the "5" is ruined. He said he saw them through the peep hole (He is in room 456) but thought they were being funny and pinning a note on his door. I notice that they are intoxicated that evening.


222 Poopoo in bathroom sink and on walls. 221 reported it to me, 5:05pm


Regina the caretaker for Shawn Raleigh came down and informed me that Shawn had gone off on Mrs. Clay. Regina informed me that Mrs. Clay had gotten a pair of Converse tennis shoes given to her. Mrs. Clay said that they were women's tennis shoes and Regina said that they were Men's tennis shoes and that they would fit Shawn. Mrs. Clay insisted that they were women's and Regina insisted that they were Men's and Shawn went off on Mrs. Clay and then hit the door with his head and he got a cut and a bump on his forehead above his left eye. Brian Clarke cleaned Shawn up and called me to contact the non-emergency police number. So I called the police and 4 policemen came and Mrs Clay showed the police the medicine that Shawn takes. The next day everything is alright with Shawn & Mrs. Clay.